e3-logoWell, no matter if we like it or not, this year’s E3 media summit ended and it would be best if we would sum up the most important news regarding the PC games world. Below are links to the stories we have already brought, in case you missed any! Happy reading!

1. Telltale Is Developing Tales of Monkey Island
2. Electronic Arts Announce EA Sports MMA
3. Left 4 Dead 2 Announced
4. Heroes of Telara Seems to Be a Great MMO
5. Yep, Lego Harry Potter Is Real!
6. THQ Announce World of Zoo
7. Crysis 2 Confirmed
8. Square Enix Announce Final Fantasy XIV MMO
9. Prepare to Join the Alliance of Valiant Arms
10. Metal Gear Solid Rising Might Come to PCs!
11. First Left 4 Dead 2 Screens: Meet the New Survivors
12. Check Out Some Alan Wake Footage Here!
13. Become a Modern Day Robin Hood in 15 Days
14. People Protest Against EA’s Dante Inferno
15. Runes of Magic Is Ready for Chapter 2
16. E3 2009 Successful, E3 2010 Dated