ea-protestersI am not one of the biggest fans of Electronic Arts and I clearly don’t have their upcoming project, Dante’s Inferno, high on my priorities list, but this latest event during the E3 2009 simply enraged me and saddened me at the same time, proving me that indeed humanity will become as presented in the Idiocracy movie: sad and incredibly stupid.

What happened? Well, some people decide to protest against EA’s upcoming game, Dante’s Inferno – a title actually based on a classic work of literature the protesters probably have never heard about – and they showed up with banners naming EA “Electronic Anti-christ” or other – even smarter – simply stating the obvious: “Hell is not a game”.

Clearly the protesters had other problems except from EA’s upcoming Dante Inferno. Take their name, for example: the Salvationists Against Virtual and Eternal Damnation. Take their banners for example. And take the game, too: from all we saw, Dante’s Inferno is not at all one of the most “hellish” games out there. But they’re probably not gamers, these SAVED guys and girls. They’re not gym goers either, nor healthy food eaters, from what we can see in the picture, which means they’re not too religious after all. Have you ever seen a fat saint?