rendition-guantanamoThere is a point why nonsense critics exist: companies listen to them and can their promising projects because of them, even though these critics are plain stupid and have nothing to do with reality. It is the case of the recently announced Rendition: Guantanamo that got canned due to heavy criticism, and it comes fast after the cancellation of another Iraq-based game, Six Days in Fallujah.

However, the case of Rendition: Guantanamo and its cancellation really have nothing to do with reality: from what we’ve read on the game’s official website, it was canned because some idiots claimed that the game’s main character will be Moazzam Begg, a man that was considered to be a member of the Al-Qaeda (but the man was only helping with the development, since he spent three years in the prison); also, the same (or other) idiots protested that the game will be a recruiting tool for terrorism or even propaganda, none of these statements being correct. Instead, Rendition: Guantanamo, exactly as the developers announced, was set in a fictional Guantanamo Bay run by mercenaries, where NO military was going to be killed and the main character was NOT a terrorist, but a case of mistaken identity.

Of course, idiots don’t read or care about such details, since it’s easier and more fun to simply bash something based on… God knows what they were based on. The strange thing, however, is that T-Enterprise is actually canning the game because of these ill-informed critics, which marks another big win of the game haters (who, unlike other rare occasions, really had absolutely no points here). I am honestly and deeply disgusted.