tales-of-monkey-island-guybrushOne of the best point and click adventure franchises of all time, the Monkey Island franchise, will make a comeback thanks to a collaboration between Telltale Games and LucasArts. Titled Tales of Monkey Island, the rebirth of the franchise will be a series of minigames, hopefully as fun and cool as the original – even though just imagining that something like that is possible gives me the chills.

The Tales of Monkey Island will be a 5-episode series in which we’ll meet all the classic characters plus lots of new ones, as well as new locations. Story-wise, the adventure will begin during a battle between the main character Guybrush Threepwood and the evil pirate LeChuck, when Guybrush unleashes an insidious pox that turns pirates into… zombies! In order to fix the problem, Guybrush will have to find a legendary sea sponge but, as you can imagine, this won’t be very easy. And no, I’m not very impressed with the story. Not at all!

But we’ll see what surprises Telltale has for us – and we’ll see them pretty soon. The first of five Tales of Monkey Island episodes is set to hit on July 7 this year. There are no details on the price, but we do know that if you decide to pre-order the game, you will get quite some bonuses from Telltale: Free series DVD slipcase painted by Monkey Island art legend Steve Purcell (bundled with Collector’s DVD), a free episode from a Telltale-developed title and an exclusive Pirate’s Club Guest Pass. More details here.