volvo-the-gmeIf you’re a car fanatic, you probably know that the Volvo S60 concept car is an awesome product. However, as it happens with most concept cars, this one might never see daylight. This doesn’t mean, though, that you won’t be able to drive the little gem: GamersGate is offering Volvo – The Game as a free download, for everybody!

As you can imagine, the racing game is based on the aforementioned Volvo concept car. The game was developed by SimBins, the developers behind STC – The Game and GTR Revolution. Volvo – The Game allows players to get behind the wheel of an exclusive GamersGate skinned car, as well as a variety of Volvo models including, the new Volvo S60 Concept, the Volvo C30, the STCC Volvo S60, the Volvo S40, the Volvo 850, and the classic Volvo 240 Turbo Group A. Players can take these new Volvo cars through two courses, Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena in Göteborg, Sweden, and Chayaka outside Kiev, Ukraine – the first time ever that this course has been featured in a racing game.

All you need in order to download the game for free is a GamersGate account (which doesn’t cost a penny) and which can be created here. Good luck!