ea-sports-logoWe all love fighting games – from the computer games to the “real deal” like UFC and MMA, right? Well, if that’s the case, then Electronic Arts wants a piece of the cake, especially since just THQ is eating the pie at the moment with their UFC franchise.

Electronic Arts is not wasting any more time, though, and the publishers have announced during the E3 media summit that they’re preparing a brand new franchise: EA Sports MMA, a mixed martial arts franchise for the fans of the genre.

Details are scarce and images simply don’t exist, but we do know that EA’s Peter Moore promised that the game will “re-energize and redefine the fighting category”. Let’s hope it will be good. And let’s hope that it will be developed for PCs, too. We’ll see by 2010, when the game is released. Hopefully after more details are forwarded to the media!