This is the first time I hear about Trion’s upcoming MMORPG, Heroes of Telara, but I must admit that the game details and especially the in-game screenshots managed to impress me quite a lot – and now Heroes of Telara is on my “most anticipated” list. Check out some details below and images at the end.

Heroes of Telara will immerse players in a world on the brink of disaster. Amidst an era of devastating conflict, Telara calls for heroes to battle the hordes of chaos, conquer wild territories, and bring hope to a struggling civilization. Trion is also promising an unique class and subclass system, as well as a deep social element and adventures that can be shared by skilled and newer players alike.

“We’ve built a spectacular world that’s completely alive and designed everything around the concept of players becoming heroes,” said Russ Brown, vice president, Channel One, Trion. “The ‘right hero for the right time’ is what this game is all about. And with our server-based Trion platform, we can launch massive events and epic encounters at will to challenge the player to step up and become the hero the world needs. It is our promise and mission to deliver awesome kick-ass gameplay in Heroes of Telara.”

You can check out some impressive Heroes of Telara screenshots and even the E3 2009 trailer of the MMORPG: