E3 2009: First Left 4 Dead Screens: Meet the New Survivors

E3 2009: First Left 4 Dead Screens: Meet the New Survivors

left-4-dead-image-01Even though not expected to be announced so quickly after the release of the original game, Valve’s fastest sequel, Left 4 Dead 2 is still considered one highly anticipated game, hitting later this year. Unlike the previous day when the game was announced, we now have some extra details about the upcoming survival FPS, as well as the first released Left 4 Dead 2 images, presenting the new survivors.

As you can see, the number is the same: four, but this time nobody seems to have six fingers. Left 4 Dead 2 will take players down to the Southern United States where the four survivors will start shooting zombies at “The Parish” as the poster says. The game will then take players all the way from Savannah (in Georgia) to bayou country and the French Quarter in New Orleans.

As announced previously, Valve is introducing more melee weapons in Left 4 Dead 2, while also improving the AI of the characters and that of the game itself, meaning that we’ll see fluctuating weather conditions, changing layouts of the levels and day-time infestations. Also, the game will feature, as the public asked, more co-op campaigns, more Versus maps and the support for the Survival mode. So, yes, we should be excited. Now check out three more Left 4 Dead 2 images below: