15-daysDtp Entertainment decided to create a pretty interesting game, 15 Days, a sophisticated adventure game in which we will become modern day Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor… with a little twist. I mean… it’s the 21st century, don’t expect bows and forests! Instead, prepare to use gadgets and steal art for your good cause!

15 Days introduces us three Londoners, Cathryn, Mike and Bernard, political activists who plan to steal valuable paintings, sell them for millions then donate all the money to development projects in Africa. Of course, since stealing from the biggest museums and most eccentric people in the world can’t go unnoticed, the three will soon be followed by US special agent Jack Stern, who also sees connections between the theft and a murder case. And yes, it appears that the story will get more interesting as we’ll play it!

“We unfold the narrative in two parallel storylines and let the action rotate quickly between four main characters. This makes 15 Days a fast-paced and very dynamic adventure game – both in terms of narrative and aesthetics”, said Martin Ganteföhr, creative director of the game’s developer, House of Tales.

There was no release date of the game, and no other details, but I think what we have is enough to make us put 15 Days on the “to look after” list. It sounds like a real quality adventure game!