alliance-mmoIf you were starting to feel that the MMOFPS world is starting to get old and boring, things will change after this year’s E3 media summit thanks to NHN USA, the company that is going to release Huxley later this year, as well as the just-announced Karma: Operation Barbarossa. And if you still believe that it’s not enough, well, so do NHN USA!

Therefore, the company is planning another late-2009 MMOFPS launch with Alliance of Valiant Arms, a MMO created on the Unreal Engine 3, and it seems very similar in concept and looks with the aforementioned Karma.

If Karma is set in the World War II, Alliance of Valiant Arms takes us to an alternate present day when World War III is ravaging the worlds: the European Union is fighting against the Neo Russian Federation (yes, a bit of logic would’ve made sense here) and strangely the US, Japan or China just to name other really important and powerful factions are… simply missing. The budget must’ve been pretty low, then.

Either way, the two mentioned factions are shooting at each other and the players will have to join one of them and keep the party going. Everything free to play, everything in the same setting and concept as every other shooter you have played. So you decide to simply forget about Alliance of Valiant Arms, be my guest. There are more valuable and important things in this world, anyway.


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