barbossaThe MMO world will welcome yet another member to the family, this time a MMOFPS created by NHN USA. Titled Karma: Operation Barbarossa, the shooter will be released in the near future on and it will take all registered players back to the World War II.

Apparently dealing only with the German vs. Soviet Union conflict, Karma: Operation Barbarossa lets players choose to fight either with or against Germany in what appears to be your regular World War II based shooter. At least it’s good that people will know everything about this stupid conflict thanks to the tons of computer and video games based on it.

“KARMA: Operation Barbarossa serves as another great addition that furthers’s hardcore gaming and FPS agenda,” said Philip Yun, CEO, NHN USA. “We are proud to be a leader in providing a powerful and specialized gaming experience to our members. Our fans crave the immersive, realistic experiences wrongly associated exclusively with console gaming. We don’t believe in those boundaries, so we are bringing hardcore triple-A titles to the online, free-to-play space.”

We’ll see how the game looks and feels like by the end of this year.