ashen-emipres-screenApparently, players didn’t really rush in to play Ashen Empires, Iron Will Games’ MMORPG and the developers decided to make it a free-to-play game, probably hoping that this measure will bring more players to the virtual worlds of the fantasy MMO.

On the official website, Iron Will announced: “Today’s a big day for Ashen Empires. We’re ending subscriptions. It’s free! That’s right. Bring some friends for hours of fun with a must-play MMORPG!”

There will still be an optional “VIP subscription” in the game, one that will offer players special perks and store offers, as well as bonus experience gains, extra inventory slots, player housing and so on. Also, players with a paid subscription will be offered this VIP package, so that everybody is happy and continues playing Ashen Empires with the same joy they always did.

Now… what do you think? Isn’t the “free-to-play” MMO world getting a bit too crowded, meaning less income for the developers, therefore less quality in their games?