ashen-emipres-screenApparently, players didn’t really rush in to play Ashen Empires, Iron Will Games’ MMORPG and the developers decided to make it a free-to-play game, probably hoping that this measure will bring more players to the virtual worlds of the fantasy MMO.

On the official website, Iron Will announced: “Today’s a big day for Ashen Empires. We’re ending subscriptions. It’s free! That’s right. Bring some friends for hours of fun with a must-play MMORPG!”

There will still be an optional “VIP subscription” in the game, one that will offer players special perks and store offers, as well as bonus experience gains, extra inventory slots, player housing and so on. Also, players with a paid subscription will be offered this VIP package, so that everybody is happy and continues playing Ashen Empires with the same joy they always did.

Now… what do you think? Isn’t the “free-to-play” MMO world getting a bit too crowded, meaning less income for the developers, therefore less quality in their games?


  1. The free-to-play arena isn’t anywhere near being full. Either your MMO is high quality and attracts players or it’s not and no one plays despite the cost.

    Ashen Empires is a different story, this is a classic MMO with a huge long-standing fanbase. The developers are taking advantage of their players willingness to keep the game alive + the new found popularity of the Korean style, store based, subscription model.

    Income and quality don’t come into it, if the game needs money to survive and stay top-notch then the developers will find a way to earn the money; which isn’t hard with a game that’s as great as AE.

  2. Ashen Empires is a fantastic game to play, it has a great sense of community and tons of stuff to do, from tradeskills ,quests, group hunts etc, I have played the game for a long time and have no plans to change that. If you don’t play it atm, then why not download it and play for free, give it a shot, it might just grab a hold of you like so many of the current players.

  3. AE is a Great game. If you enjoyed Diablo and Diablo 2, you may especially like this. When I read this article though, it’s kinda just lousy filler. How can this even be called a review when you use the game as an example of your skewed view of the “demise” of MMO’s in general? This game deserves a better review than some halfwit who obviously rushed through his review, and has some agenda aside from the actual game being discussed. Just some lame ass hipster who only shares things to discuss how ‘passe’ they feel it is.

    Join legends or heroes and see the game for yourself, unless you make it a rule to listen to douchebags… :)

  4. AE on paras, se on ihana peli!

    Best game out there by far, amazing loot system,the best pvp system.. try it, play heroes today!

    Note: you will need to get lvl 7 to get into the “real world” and off the beginners island


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