runes-of-magic-chapter2Frogster have presented a trailer at their E3 2009 booth presenting the second chapter of their free to play MMORPG Runes of Magic. The chapter, titled Runes of Magic – The Elven Prophesy, will be released in September and will add quite a few changes and improvements, including a level cap of 55 and two new playable character classes, as well as make the Elves a playable race.

If you’re not interested in the new race and the two new classes, you will still have lots of stuff to enjoy in the second chapter of Runes of Magic: new challenges, raid instances and new PvP modes, as well as a new combat pet system for the Taborea world.

Also, Frogster promise that the ambience of the game will also be enhanced. The new regions and the old territories will benefit from an improved graphic engine. Sound and Music will also receive improvements by the renowned sound-studio of Dynamedion, to further extend the game experience! And, yes – the image you can admire in the upper left corner is actually from the Runes of Magic – The Elven Prophesy.