vicOmerta, one of the most successful and popular browser-based text MMORPGs, is set to launch the third version of the game, adding extra usability, some slicker visuals and much more. And, yes, in case you were wondering, Omerta 3 is free to play and only requires a modest PC with an internet connection!

Omerta 3, the upcoming version of this Mafia game will introduce new features suggested by the players themselves. Therefore, Omerta 3 will see the introduction of bodyguards with attitude, the choices players make during the game will greatly influence the way things will look in the future so all players will have to add some strategical thinking into play too.

“The launch of version 3 is a huge milestone in Omerta’s history. We’ve been doing this for nearly five years now and by listening to the player community and discussion of their suggestions, we are confident that we are presenting the players with what they want – of course, they designed most of these features themselves! Of course there will be divided opinion regarding some of the changes, but discussion is good for everyone!” says Omerta C.E.O. Steve Biddick.

Omerta 3 is still in beta testing right now and the exact release date is not yet known, but if you really can’t wait to play the game, you could visit the game’s official website and register for a chance to join the beta team!