zomg-screenCreated by Gaia Interactive, zOMG is a free to play MMORPG that requires no install and is instantly available in your browser. It might be considered a more girl-friendly MMO due to its shiny visuals and doll-like monsters, but this doesn’t make it a game boys should avoid. On the contrary!

According to the official description, zOMG is “widely varied with lots of local flavor differentiating one area from another. There are many areas to experience, whether open grass fields, dense jungles, sandy beaches, ancient ruins, public towns or zen gardens to journey through.”

There are also many players to team up with and quite some quests to complete (even though some are quite repetitive, in the end). Even more, the developers of the zOMG MMORPG are constantly improving the game, adding content and making sure that “unlimited customization options” is not just a catchy line to lure you in. Indeed zOMG is highly customizable and overall offers lots of options for a browser-based MMORPG. It’s a must try for everybody who loves Manga-styled visuals, and it’s available for free.

In order to play zOMG you have to follow the link to Gaia’s website. But until then, check out a cool trailer to see what the MMO is about: