Weekly RoundupThe first full week of 2009 started pretty strong here at the Unigamesity, with lots of interesting stats about the previous year (and more are still to come!). About some of the most important statistics, as well as some other important and really funny news we’re going to talk today in the first weekly round-up of 2009!

We’ve started the week finding out which was the most played console of 2008: the PlayStation 2, with more play minutes than the next two consoles combined! However, in terms of sales, things were a bit different and Microsoft enjoyed a great year, reaching the 28 million milestone in terms of Xbox 360 sales. Also Nintendo had an awesome 2008, since Wii Sports became the best selling game of all times, beating Super Mario Bros.

One of the reasons the Nintendo Wii is so successful is, of course, the innovative technology which stays behind the Wiimote. However, it appears the motion sensing controller was already in the works at Nintendo for a while now: the Wii Remote was initially made for Gamecubes! However, if it’s made for a specific console, it does not mean it will always stay there, right? Well, we’re backing these words with some consoles gone wild: three ultimate car and console mods can be admired once again here at Unigamesity!

This week we’ve also had tons of fun. For example, we laughed out loud when we found out that a lady wanted to purchase some Virtual Console titles and physically inserted her credit card into the Wii! Also, a NFL player considers changing his name into “Warcraft” and… uhm… ninja girls don’t appear to wear any panties, you know?

Finally, it’s a debate to the death and no facts will ever satisfy the fanboys: we’ve tried to find out which console had the best exclusives in 2008, and things got a little too heated. But it’s still safe to read!