Bob's messed up roomWhen I first found out about game developer Robert Pelloni and his creation, Bob’s Game, I had some mixed feelings, but wanted the guy to succeed: he had spent five years developing a good looking and rather complex game, but Nintendo apparently refused to give him developer status (thus not allowing him to sell the title). Nintendo seemed like the bad guys in this situation and, in order to prove that to the entire world, Pelloni started a 100-day long protest by locking himself into his room. I said I was worried about his health and it seems I was unfortunately right about that…

Soon, the developer started to show signs of… “completely losing it“: he started to claim that he is a better developer than “Miyamoto, Itoi, Kojima, Carmack, and Wright COMBINED,” that Bob’s Game was one of the best games EVER made and, most sadly, after posting strange messages, the following day he used to say he no longer remembered writing such words. He was starting to lose it and eventually he started to accuse some terrible headaches.

One day he turned his work space into a mess and wrote a strange entry in his blog that made police forces consider he was planning a suicide – so the police entered his room and took him away. The guy is OK right now and everything seems to be as normal as it could – he no longer follows his 100 day-long protest and probably we’ll never see Bob’s Game released on DS handhelds.

It is indeed really sad to see your five years of work flushed down the toilet, that is completely true, but we’re human beings after all and we can right all the wrongs and get over any failures in our lives. So I truly believe that Pelloni should stop thinking about Nintendo and continue porting his game (he said he had some offers for making the game an iPhone title) and go out there to live his life.

[Image credits: pocketgamer]