Game screenshotI don’t know about you, but I totally miss the beat ’em up games – titles like Final Fight or Captain Commando, games we all used to play on arcade machines and totally enjoy as youngsters. Unfortunately, this is a dying genre and for some strange reason, such games are no longer too popular. However, not all developers have forgot about them – Atlus is, for example, planning to release an old school beat ’em up, Tokyo Beat Down and hopefully revive the genre.

Tokyo Beat Down will be a Nintendo DS exclusive that promises to feel exactly like old arcade games: you must rely on your fists, firearms, and anything else that happens to be lying around to beat the sin out of Tokyo’s criminals! You’ll do so in a combination of retro beat ’em up and shoot ’em up (yes, the game will also feature guns), in a badass 70’s cop show setting, where police needs just two things to stop criminals: strong fists and endurance! And, of course, they all pity the fools…

Tokyo Beat Down is set to be released worldwide on March 10, 2009. If you want to find out more about the game or see a bit more images, visit it’s official mini-site.


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