lbpGenerally referred to as the big loser of the current gen console market, Sony is still doing pretty well, as sale numbers show us. So, even though not as successful as anticipated, Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet still managed to sell over 1.3 million units until now, while the recently released PlayStation Home Beta proved to be an instant hit, being downloaded by 3.4 million people already.

According to a report on Gamespot, Sony’s president Kaz Hirai has said that not only Home was downloaded by so many PS3 owners, but also millions of virtual goods have been sold already via the Home stores (and I do believe him, since I do know that cheap DLC always sells well).

Also, Hirai stated that Little Big Planet sales are great – Media Molecule’s title selling over 1.3 million units (despite I am sure the initial plans were a lot higher). However, Hirai said that the LBP community is a hardcore, dedicated one, creating over 300,000 levels for the game and putting in a cumulative two years of gameplay into the title! So, as I said, Sony is not doing that bad, after all. It’s not doing great either, but that’s another story…


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