cod-imageInfinity Ward has made an announcement regarding some Call of Duty Beta invitations you might receive form them: they’re fake and they’re not actually from the developers! So if you happen to get an invite from “,” do not open the e-mail and delete it immediately. Although the company did not specify, the e-mail might contain trojans or other malware which could hurt your computer!

The announcement came from Infinity Ward’s Twitter Feed and no further details were given until now. However, various reports suggest that the fake beta invite does not actually refer to the already-released Call of Duty 5 (subtitled World at War), but the upcoming Modern Warfare title. So, no matter how cool the message’s title is, do not click it – it’s not a dream come true (yet).

On the other hand, if you received the e-mail message and clicked to open it, you would probably be safer if you went on to scan your computer with an antivirus program and, just to make sure you’re safe, with an anti-spyware tool as well.