titan-quest-image2008 was not a great year for some game development companies, including Iron Lore, creators of a highly popular Diablo-like RPG, Titan Quest. Even though the company had to close its doors, it did not completely vanquish and now two Iron Lore veterans have created their own company and plan to bring back to life a project from the former company. Named Black Legion, the game promises to forever change the RPG genre.

Crate Entertainment, created by Iron Lore’s former lead designer Arthur Bruno and former art director Eric Campanella are already showing a demo version of the game to the publishers and they have high hopes set for it:

?One of our real goals is to take the solid game play we established in Titan Quest and repackage it to make it sort of grittier and more appealing to the mainstream audience,? said Artur Bruno. He added: ?We?re trying to evolve the action to something that will bring the RPG to its next level,? claiming that gamers demand a more sophisticated action nowadays from your regular hack and slash. He’s right!

However, further details on Black Legion were not given, which still keeps the game outside the ?I really want this title? crowd. However, I’m keeping my eyes open and I’ll let you know as soon as new details pop.