consolesWhen it comes to game consoles, there’s a real war out there: PlayStation 3 fanboys vs. Xbox 360 fanboys are ready to fight to the virtual death for their favorite console. But when it comes to mass opinion, they barely have a word to say, since most of the gamers play for fun (as everybody should) instead of blind, pointless dedication to a piece of plastic… So let’s see together which were the most played consoles of 2008!

1. PlayStation 2 – 31.7% Usage Minutes
2. Xbox 360 – 17.2% Usage Minutes
3. Wii – 13.4% Usage Minutes
4. Xbox – 9.7% Usage Minutes
5. PlayStation 3 – 7.3% Usage Minutes
6. GameCube – 4.6% Usage Minutes
7. Other – 16.2% Usage Minutes

Data from Jan – Oct 2008. Usage Minutes % is the percent of all measured console minutes. ‘Other’ consists of any other console systems found in the home.

The list has been created by research firm Nielsen and we have absolutely no idea how the data was collected. There are also a few strange results in this chart, with the “Other” category (which does not include PC gaming – and we don’t know what it includes) grabbing more public than the Wii, for example. And the Wii – the bestselling next-gen console, is played less than the Xbox 360 or PS2. The DS and PSP are not present, and it was not mentioned if they were included in the research… Oh well… strange things happen!  just grab your GameCube and original Xbox console and continue playing…