xbox-gamestopWe all know that GameStop is the perfect place for gamers who want to recover some of the money spent on purchasing a game and re-investing them in a new title. We also know that until now GameStop was accepting all sorts of old and odd titles – but they no longer plan to do so in the future, as an eagle-eyed Kotaku reader noticed (and you can see the proof to the left).

So, according to the huge announcement, the store will say “Stop” to those who plan on selling games for the original Xbox console, as well as systems or accessories. However, you still have time to get rid of the Xbox games you don’t plan to play anymore – the decision to stop selling Xbox related products will become effective starting February 9th.

This decision seems to mark the official death of a gaming console – even though recently released studies claim that people play the original Xbox more than PlayStation 3 consoles, for example. But no matter if the results are correct or not, it’s still a sad day for Xbox users all over the world.