untitledIt appears that Nintendo is simply made for glory, at least in the gaming world. Not only that the Japan-based company has the bestselling console of the current generation, but it also managed to break its previous game sales record with the ever popular Wii Sports: 50 million units sold and counting. Impressive!

The sales record, reported by VGChartz, makes Wii Sports the best selling game of all times, beating the previous holder of the record, yet another Nintendo title – Super Mario Bros (40.24 million units sold). It’s a pretty cool way to start a new year, right Nintendo?

However, it’s worth noting that Wii Sports comes bundled with Nintendo Wii consoles, which means that these numbers are kind of auto-generated by Nintendo. But since Super Mario Bros also came bundled with old NES consoles, it’s a fair battle, right? I’m just wondering now when will Microsoft start bundling all their Xbox consoles with Halo 3 copies and when will Sony give us LBP-bundled PS3s, to make things even more interesting.