console-warsLet’s not forget about the console wars! There are sale charts, there are fanboys slamming other fanboys’ data, there are all sorts of ways to “decide” the winner of the console wars… One of them is, of course, checking the exclusive games and that’s exactly what we’re planning to do now. So, the battle is on: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. Wii – which console has the best exclusives?

In order to decide the winners, I went to Metacritic, picked up the top five rated console exclusive games for each console (only retail titles released in 2008, of course, and only critics’ rating counting) and now we’re going to check out the results. The drums are rolling, ladies and gentleman, so let’s see the contestants!

The PlayStation 3:

1. LittleBigPlanet – 95
2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – 94
3. Resistance 2 – 87
4. Valkyria Chronicles – 86
5. SingStar – 82


The Wii:

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl – 93
2. Bomberman Blast – 86
3. Boom Blox – 85
4. No More Heroes – 83
5. Mario Kart Wii – 82


The Xbox 360:

1. Gears of War 2 – 93
2. Fable II – 89
3. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise – 82
4. Tales of Vesperia – 81
5. Ninja Gaiden II – 81


And these are the results – as you can see, different from the sales charts. According to critics, the PlayStation 3 had the best exclusive games in 2008 with an incredible average of 88.8, especially because of the high fliers LBP and MGS. The Nintendo Wii grabs the second place (and I must admit I am shocked to see that – I’ve always bashed the little console for the poor quality of its games), but the Xbox 360 is close with just 0.6 points behind. So please share your thoughts on the matter – do these results shock you?

Please note: Just to make a two things clear: a) I did not include WiiWare/XBLA/PSN titles in the charts. b) Boom Blox IS considered a console exclusive because there are ports of the game on mobiles. Mobiles don’t count as gaming platforms (yet).


  1. You state that you listed the top 5 “console” exclusive games for each console but conveniently left out Left 4 Dead which has a metascore of 89?

  2. Why are you ignoring MLB the Show? It has better scores than Singstar (85 vs. 82). Well, it is available for PSP (and PS2?), but it still is exclusive to the “Playstation” brand.

  3. @TehChi: Left 4 Dead is not an exclusive game, as it is available for PC systems as well.

    @Pan Peter: I spent a lot of time thinking about the inclusion of MLB but decided against it because the game is still available on PS2 and PSP consoles which, even though “brand exclusive”, still does not make it a “console exclusive”.

    Trust me all, I have no reason to push forward a console or another!

  4. You have a perfectly good reason to push one console over another, your a fanboy.

    First off this exact same article has been done already. Second Left 4 Dead is exclusive to 360 as far as consoles go, we ARE talking about consoles here right? Because if you are going to say Left 4 Dead is not exclusive cuz its on PC, then why did you not include PC in this contest?

    If it is not platform worthy enuff to be included in this, then don’t include it conveniently as an excuse to cheat 360 out of one of its best exclusive titles.

  5. Left 4 dead I reckon should be included as a console exclusive given we are comparing consoles and not all gaming platforms

    Also little big planet is ludicrously overrated

    thats just my opinion tho

  6. Why would someone even care if a game such as MLB or L4D is partially exclusive or entirely exclusive? The whole point is that it can’t be played on the other competing platforms.

    Also, why would someone even care if the game is a retail game or a downloadble game? The whole point of such a comparison is to include all the best exclusives for such a platform regardless of how you but them.
    Braid, Geometry Wars 2, World of Goo, WipeoutHD – why the hell are these games ignored, especially when it’s obvious they’re all much better than some of the retail titles published.

  7. @Darkie: Blame Valve, not me. ;)

    @IA: I did not compare all gaming platforms because I just wanted to stay within the “console wars” – PS3 vs. Wii vs. Xbox 360. I do not claim that the PC does not count (I am actually a core PC gamer), or the DS or the PSP… I just wanted to compare these three consoles and the exclusives.

    @Guy: There’s no such thing as “partially exclusive” – if it’s on two platforms, it’s not exclusive. Regarding the indie games – indeed they are great as standalone games and some of them (like Braid or World of Goo) can clearly compete against full budget games. However, such games generally receive high ratings since they are looked at as “indie games” and some flaws they have are forgiven.

  8. Dude, you clearly stated that you’re dealing with console exclusives. and staying within the console wars. Left 4 Dead is available on only 1 console, the Xbox 360. It’s not available on the PS3 or Wii. It should be included. Your reasoning fails. Period.

  9. @TehChi… It still doesn’t matter.

    Add MLB 08 for PS3 and L4D for 360, and PS3 still wins… (90.8, 87.4)

    Add World of Goo for Wii and 360 still loses(89,87.4), just face the facts, Wii beat 360 which is sad, and the PS3 had the best exclusives in 08, welcome in 09 and hope Microsoft can bring their A game.

  10. @Caliblue15
    Your comments just prove your orginal intentions were disingenuous. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about indentifying that all 3 consoles had great line-ups this year that should have appeased fans of each console. How is the Wii having a great line-up sad? Good games are good games, regardless of who they appeal to.

  11. @Calin
    Regarding the “if it’s on two platforms, it’s not exclusive” point you made:
    Imagine having a new console (priced at 500$ just for the sake of it) that can play ALL X360 games except Ninja Gaiden II, ALL PS3 games except Singstar, ALL Wii games except SingStar and ALL PC Games except Spore.
    How many exclusive games do you have on this console? None. In terms of exclusives, all other consoles beat it because they have one exclusive games.
    But what will be your console of choice? Obviously this new console. Who cares if all of the games are on another platform as well? The important thing is that this console offers more games than any other console. That’s the only thing that matters and if you fail to understand it your logic is flawed

  12. Well, if you’re skipping ’06 and ’07, then this comparison isn’t really comparing the best exclusives. And even if you did include them, the data still wouldn’t tell you anything meaningfull. This comparison is putting way too much value on a select group of people’s opinions. In the end, everyone has their own opinion and each console has its own great games. Trying to support this comparison with those “facts” is practically contradictory.

  13. Where is Halo 3 at? This is definitely a messed up list if it has Singstar instead of Uncharted or Heavenly Sword! And seriously…Viva Pinata?

  14. @Andrew: I did not try to find out which console should people choose to buy. So, yes, the $500 console would have no exclusives and it would definitely be the best pick for a gamer, but it would’ve still lost in this chart. Because here I only checked which console had the best exclusives in 2008, according to reviewers. Not the best console to purchase or whatever.

    @Daron and Penguinkk: Indeed, the list only looks at games released in 2008 and indeed, each console has exclusives others would love to play. I just wanted to see which were considered the best according to reviewers, just for fun, for the sake of having some stats.

  15. @Calin:
    Obviously there is such a thing as partially exclusive: If a title is on another platform but you can’t play it on one of the platforms you’re comparing – it’s a point you should consider towards the platform it’s available on. It’s like comparing the Wii and the PS3 asking which platform has better games – but omitting games like GTA4, Fallout 3 and Bioshock from the PS3 list because they’re not “exclusive”.

    As for downloadable games, the last thing you can call these games nowadays is “indie” and your claim that they recieve high ratings because they’re considered “indie games” is pathetic. Did the reviewers give different score to the PSN and retail versions of GT5:P?
    The inclusion of “Bomberman Blast” (which came out in the west only in WiiWare format) makes your claim even more problematic and your entire comparison fails.

    Just to set things straight, here are the real top 5 exclusives for each console which you can’t play on the other two. Do the math yourself:
    Gears of War 2 93
    Braid 93
    Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 90
    Left 4 Dead 90
    Fable II 89

    LittleBigPlanet 95
    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 94
    WipEout HD 87
    Resistance 2 87
    Valkyria Chronicles 86

    World of Goo 94
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl 93
    Rock Band 2 92
    Okami 90
    MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade 88

  16. LOL at all the 360 fanboys crying because their console had a load of garbage games in 2008.

    Don’t worry, i’m sure 2009 will be much bet……….OOPS! How silly of me.

  17. @Guy

    I recommend you read the introduction part. It says retail only. As far as I know, Braid is downloadable as is Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, World of Goo, Wipeout HD.

    Also for the Wii… how is Rock Band 2 exclusive? It is multiplatform.

    Just thought I’d clear that up. It would be quite interesting to see brand wises. Like Wii+DS exclusives vs PS3+PSP exclusives vs X-Box 360+Well…Nothing.

  18. do the comparrison again soon? anyway im reading this on my ps3 after playin killzone 2. which is awsome. game line ups are better for ps this year anyway. suk it 360 loosers

  19. Accept it as it is boneheads !
    Some of you whine like a pack of school girls fighting over the best makeup.
    The PS3 is better, and an XBOX 360 is for people who cant afford a ps3.
    I almost bought a 360 because it was cheaper, but at the end of the day I figured “you get what you pay for”.
    There is a saying that the Subaru Impreza WRX is a poor mans porsche.
    The Xbox360 is a poor mans PS3
    Thats the facts, If you have a 360, sell it on ebay and buy a ps3 – you will be impressed.
    If you dont have either, I suggest you visit your local video store , hire both consoles and then make an informed decision. That is how I made the decision. You will prefer the ps3,
    It looks better
    Games feel better on it (and look better)
    It doesnt feel tinny and rattley like the xbox 360
    Its sleek and quieter
    It doesnt overheat
    Its full HD

    I could go on all day, but do as I said and you will get a ps3, I guarantee it.
    If you already Have a PS3 then you know what I’m on about
    If you have a 360 then deep down you know its true also – I suggest you save your pennies and look for an escape route – in 2009 the ps3 will reign supreme !

  20. come on give me a brake please i have the xbox360
    and its got some cool graphics it also has the best games
    such has gears of war
    halo 3 and perfect cell and mass effect and kameo
    it also has the best family games
    and the best online games

  21. OMG! The Wii had just crappy games last year! The only good game was SSBB. And for the PS3 Little Big Planet Sucks balls! and rest is good. While The XBOX 360 only had two or three good games on that list.

    PS3 and XBOX 360 FTW!!!

    While the Wii is just garbage.


    you 360 fanboys are just too stubborn, and it’s seriously illogical to even say “partial exclusive” WTH! exclusive is exclusive there is no partial. So just suck it up 360 fanboys and take ur arguement somewhere else because in this website PS3 WON. I could go on all day too. I have both and the PS3 IS alot better. In terms of graphics, entertainment, comfort and it doesn’t overheat. And online is free too!

  23. Well I would say the XBox 360 has the best online, as the games are tailored to Xbox live. PS3 has the best graphics and best overall performance, but is definitely lacking on the online front. Have any of you played Metal Gear Online or Warhawk, horrible games. I do not consider the Wii or the PC gaming consoles, because why, why would you buy a Wii when you can get the other consoles? The PC is like the Iphone to me. You’ve got games there but why would you play them.

  24. It does say games for WINDOWS. windows is made by microsoft. microsoft makes Xbox. and yes you can run many on a mac, but to do it you use a windows emulator. so technically wouldn’t left for dead still be an exclusive?

  25. XBOX 360 is the best


    it is better in graphics than the ps3 (slightly better than ps3) enter this link and you will see the different
    ps3 has big harddrive and blu-ray disc but i got 500 GB on my PC
    and blu-ray disc too so why get ps3 which is more expensive
    than XBOX 360
    XBOX 360 got the new games
    microsoftt is weak name in the gaming industry but they made it right this time

  26. aww they barely listed any good 360 exclusives.also left4dead is a Microsoft exclusive.which Adrian explains perfectly. this place is crawling with ps3 fan boys and losers so I have to go


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