ninjabladeMicrosoft might be up for a real surprise later this year when they release Ninja Blade, their in-house Xbox 360 exclusive action adventure. Announced late last year and seeming nothing but a mix between PoP and Assassin’s Creed, Ninja Blade seems to have enough interesting elements and features not to be considered a rip-off.

The game tasks players to defend Tokyo and ultimately humanity (which probably makes it the first game ever to bring us the end of the world somewhere else than the US). Gamers will be put in the shoes of Ken Ogawa, a master ninja ready to fight against hordes of mutated monsters in order to save the planet and, of course, his own skin.

Our hero will be able to use a couple of special ninja abilities: “Ninja Vision,” which allows players to detect potential weak points of the enemies and “Todome,” a special attack which destroys the enemy’s heart. Cool! Also, we’ll get a host of ninja-themed weapons to choose from, like dual wielding swords, grapple wire hooks and more.

Another Ninja Blade feature promised by Microsoft also seems very impressive: the so-called “interactive quick-time events” which allow players to directly interact with in-game cut-scenes. If that would actually have an impact on the storyline as well, it would be awesome! But until we all get a chance to check the game out, let’s look at a few new Ninja Blade screenshots: