xbox360-modOne thing is clear: gamers do all sorts of strange things to prove their loyalty and love for a specific game or games console: some of them are cool, while others are painful and kind of stupid. Right now we’re going to talk about some cool concepts: three different car modifications made by some really hardcore gamers.

First, one image you’ve certainly seen recently: the Xbox 360 Mod Car found on Flickr (and you can also admire it in the upper left corner). Giving a brand new and way cooler definition to the term “Xbox Dashboard”, this car modified into a gaming machine (well… kind of) has two Xbox 360 consoles, 2 projectors and 2 flat screens. And hopefully the driver doesn’t play while driving…

nes-modHowever, this is not the first (and probably not the last) console that gets modded into a car: Nintendo fans also decided to take things a step further and one retro gamer decided to make a tribute to his favorite console and put it… under the hood. That’s how the NES Car Engine mod was created. However, unlike the previous mod, I doubt this owner can play any games…

pc-modFinally, for the old school gamers, we have the classic PC Car Mod – stylish and classy, this little mod is certainly made for entertaining. Unfortunately, there are no details regarding how (or if) this PC Mod works – I am very curious how can one use the mouse there.

I would’ve liked to see a “Sony Car Mod” too, just to have the list complete, but it appears that no PlayStation fans have gone that far yet. So you could be the first! And if you decide to do it and mix one console with your care, make sure to let us know about it!


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