halo-warsIf you thought that CES 2009 was not the place to look for big games-related announcements, you should reconsider since Microsoft decided to announce both the release date and an incoming demo for Halo Wars. Now this is something unexpected!

Still, it’s true. According to a Destructoid report (and various live confirmations on Twitter, including one from Major Nelson), the highly anticipated RTS set in the Halo universe will be released on February 28 this year. Also, a few weeks earlier, fans will receive a demo for Halo Wars which will hit Xbox Live on February 5th.

However, Microsoft did not go on an announcement spree and nothing was said about the upcoming standalone expansion for Halo 3, Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST). However, we’ll keep our eyes on CES starting now since other companies might do as Microsoft and deliver some important news for the gaming world.