Here we are with the 100 Escapers Level 9 Walkthrough for you! It’s time for a new challenge in the newly launched 100 Escapers room escape game for the Android phones and this time we have a fancy room to get out of. In case you got stuck along the way, I am here to share with you a walkthrough for 100 Escapers level 9, so check out the walkthrough and have fun completing this level too!

1. Go right and tap the shelf to the left of the TV. Get knife and remote control from the bottom shelf.
2. Go twice to the left and open the bottom right cabinet. Use the knife with the base to get a tool.
3. Go left and tap the plant in front of the window. Tap once again to get a screwdriver.
4. Go left and tap the TV twice to turn it. Use the screwdriver in the lower right area and then the tool on the chip to get a lot of pieces.
5. Go left to the table and tap the cover of the car keys to take it.
6. Tap the car keys on the table and add the last purple chip down, orange chip to the left and you get the key!
7. In your inventory, combine the TV remote control with the screwdriver to get a red chip. Combine it with the cover, then the cover with the key.
8. Go to the door and use the cover with red chip on the door to open it.

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Escapers level 9 walkthrough and you are ready for a new challenge, finally a brand new room that we haven’t played before. So check back soon for the solution of the new room and how to beat it too!