Finally, we have the 100 Escapers Level 8 walkthrough here to share with you! Another level that comes from the defunct 100 Rooms, Level 8 of 100 Escapers challenges us with the periodic table and chemistry apparently. But is it everything as it seems? Check out this article with the complete 100 Escapers Level 8 walkthrough and you will find out immediately!

100 Escapers Level 8 Walkthrough / Solution

1. Go left and open the fridge’s door. Get a bag with Thank You written on it.
2. Get a hammer from under the oven.
3. Go right twice and tap the table. Get pliers from the middle shelf, salt from the table (the white powder, duh!) and move right.
4. Tap the bottom shelf to get a book with a code (386/439)
5. Go right and tap the top of the oven. In your inventory, combine the book with the salt, then the powder with the hammer. Use the flame to light up the fire under the water. Put the plastic bag over the pan
6. Go back and tap on the water again to zoom in. The bag will fly up. Zoom in again on the bowl and use the pliers on the wall and then use the pliers on the wires.
7. Go back and right and tap on the frame next to the door. Enter the code 386439 and exit!

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Escapers level 8 with this walkthrough and you can move forward. See you soon for another solution of a new level in 100 Escapers!