And it’s time for the solution for a new 100 Escapers Level, 30 being the lucky number right now after today’s update. As always, I am here to share with you the complete set of instructions in this 100 Escapers Level 30 Walkthrough, so if you need any help, read on and complete the level ASAP and headache free.

Here is the 100 Escapers Level 30 Walkthrough:

1. Tap the door’s handle to get the rope.
2. Go left and take the wood on the table. Take the saw too. Also note the clock: it’s 10:12 (I know it looks like it’s 10:10, but it’s not, apparently).
3. Go left and tap the big box. Use the code (1012) to open it and get the axe. Go back and use the axe with the box to get some pieces of wood. Finally, use the saw on the pieces of metal that were behind the crate.
4. Go left and tap the middle drawer to get a huge pencil sharpener. Use it with the wood.
5. Go back and take the plans from the wall.
6. Go left and in your inventory, combine: all the items (wood with metal, with boards, rope, plans, and axe). Use the resulting vehicle on the door and get out of there!

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Escapers Level 30 and you are ready for a new level which will be soon here on Unigamesity (walkthrough published!). Until then, you can check out the solution for the previous level.


  1. an easier way to find the code of 1012 is to click on the door. u will see its written 1000 years ago which means 1000 years ago the year was 1012. Thanks for the help though. Much appreciated

  2. I didn’t even look at the clock to get the code. My perception is that you get the code 1012 from the clue you get when you touch the door. It says “It was 1000 years ago.” Since its 2012 you get the year 1012.


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