Mobile apps

Year after year, the world of smartphone gaming only seems to grow more and more. What once consisted of the likes of Angry Birds and Doodle Jump not extends to multiplayer games, gambling and creativity. The world of mobile gaming is in fact so popular, that millions upon millions of these apps are downloaded every year. The only issue is, where do you start?

The Google Play store adds around 10-15 new games every single day, meaning that the Apple and Android marketplaces are currently filled to the brim with new gaming apps, made both by large development companies and indie gaming services. To help you choose the right ones, below is a list of some of the most popular mobile apps for you to download in 2021.

Among Us

If you have been anywhere near social media in the last year, you are guaranteed to have seen 2 things:

  1. A conspiracy about covid-19; and
  2. A joke about Among Us.

These little space-suited creatures have caused a stir in the online gaming community recently with approximately 74.8 million installs as of October last year, which is an increase 50 times over what it did in October 2019.

It is a multiplayer social deduction game that was both developed and published by Innersloth before being released in 2018. Set in space, each player becomes either a crewmate or an imposter and it is up to the Crewmates to work out which is which. 

Online Gambling Apps

These were already incredibly popular as more people set to betting on their favorite sports to feel much more in touch and involved in the games they watch. Now, thanks to the global pandemic, they have only increased in popularity, as that sense of involvement that people may have gotten elsewhere (i.e. from attending games) was no longer a viable option.

Subway Surfers

This is a classic that continues to increase in popularity all of the time. Created by Sybo Games, Subway Surfers is the most downloaded game of the decade. If you are among the small percentage who haven’t played this game, you are essentially an endless runner being caught graffitiing a wall and consequently being chased by a police officer. The aim of the game is to run along railroad tracks, ducking under barriers, on top of trains and on roofs in order to get away. The game comes with lots of hidden gems on your run as well, including surfboards, spring boots, coin doubles, and jetpacks. It sure seems like a lot of effort for a bit of Graffiti. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift

This PC game has recently gotten its first mobile version. In the world of Esports, League of Legends is a world-renowned classic as the 2019 championship was viewed by over 100 million viewers (yes, you read that right). Now, as people have access to the game in the palm of their hands, it’s no wonder that it has proven so successful.

On this app, you control a champion with unique abilities and battle another team, with the overriding goal of destroying that teams’ “Nexus”.

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