Iphone games for kid

If you are a parent, you know how kids are attracted to the fancy iPhones and iPads. Leave your child and your iPhone or iPad alone in a room and they will pick it up to play with it. Nowadays kids are better at using phones than many adults. They know how to unlock and get access to all the apps. Younger kids are curious about the phone itself rather than its functionality. Thank your stars if your toddler returns your iPad in one piece. 

iPhone and iPad are fun devices for adults as well as kids. You may have allowed your children to borrow yours for some time but they always end up spending more time than what is allotted to them. If so, you have realized that these devices are fun and informative too. Apple’s App Store is a treasure trove of apps that are full of entertainment and learning.

7 Best iPhone and iPad games for kids

We have compiled a list of the 7 best iPhone and iPad games for your kids so that they can enjoy and learn simultaneously. Note that these games are for kids who are just past infants and below the age of 12. 

1. Dino Tim 

Age: 2-5

Dino Tim
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This game is perfect for teaching kids geometric shapes, colors all while teaching them a little math too! Couldn’t get any better than this. The game lets kids become a superhero and save Tim’s family from funny witches. 

There are fun puzzles with colors and shapes along with a lot of jumping, running, and doing magic that unlocks all the dino characters. It helps develop kids’ fine motor skills, concentration, and attention. This is available for free on the Apple Store

2. Peek-a-Zoo 

Age: 2-5

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This is an interactive game that asks kids to identify animals, emotions, sounds, and actions. Kids love animals and the sounds they make. Kids are introduced to many animals who dance, wag their tails, laugh, cry, make funny sounds, and much more. 

The game helps kids learn social emotion cues through these animals. 

This educational game is simple yet powerful. It will keep kids entertained with all the animal sounds and teach them to empathize with different animals. This game is free on the Apple Store with in-app purchases. 

3. Toca Nature

Age: 4+

Toca Nature
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Want to teach kids about the importance of nature? Get this educational app that is all about nature. It lets kids plant trees and grow a forest. They can feed different animals and learn who eats what. It takes kids through different landscapes and makes them aware of how everyone and everything co-exists. The app also allows you to capture moments and mesmerizing experiences that you discover along the way. 

Kids will become friends with nature and it will make them more sensitive towards nature. The app doesn’t have any high scores or levels, it lets every child use their creativity and imagination to create a beautiful ecosystem. The app is available for $4. 

4. Kodable

Age: 5-10

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The number of coders is going to increase multi-fold in the coming years, if you wish to teach your kids coding it’s best to start young. This game teaches kids basic coding. Kids will learn about computer science, right from basics to Javascript. While other kids will learn different world languages at school, your child will learn computer languages.

The player has to help the Fuzz family complete Techno Mazes of Smeeberg by simple drag and drop commands. They also earn rewards for it. The app teaches different concepts like algorithmic operations, syntax, variables, and much more.  Kodable has a free trial after which you can pat $6 per month or subscribe and pay $70 for a year. 

5. PBS Kids Games

Age: 4+

PBS Kids Games
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Play and learn with games that are based on your child’s favorite shows. This app features more than 200 games that are fun and educational. New games are added every week that will teach your child something new. The app has Math games, science games, art games, and many more. 

The different games include Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Odd Squad, Let’s go Luna, Wild Kratts, and many others. These games spark creativity and teach them social concepts like kindness and mindfulness. You can download games and play offline as well. This game is free on the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad. 

6. Redshift Sky Pro 

Age: 9+

Redshift Sky Pro
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This app is for all the young cosmos and astronomy lovers. It takes you through the magical world of twinkling stars and celestial objects. The huge Redshift database helps you explore and learn more about the stars, moon, and planets. 

It is not only fascinating for children but also adults. You and your child can plan a stargazing session using the Sky Calendar, explore distant galaxies and millions of stars in the galaxy. See what’s happening in the sky with ‘Today’s Night sky’. There are 25 instructive chapters on ‘Discover Astronomy’ that are fun and will make your child more curious about astronomy. This app is a little pricey, it comes for $9. 

7. Thinkrolls 2

Age: 3-9

Thinkrolls 2
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This fantastic puzzle game offers 270 levels of complex science puzzles. It has many series of themed chapters that players have to navigate through. With each chapter, a new science concept is introduced that is easy to understand. 

Kids have to keep their Thinkrolls rolling to solve the puzzles that require handling multiple possibilities and planning moves. The app has easy puzzles for ages 3-5 and difficult puzzles for ages 5-9.  The game improves a child’s spatial cognition, logical thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills. It is available for iPad and iPhone and costs $5 on Apple Store. 

8. Im-A-Puzzle

Age: 5+

Try out a vast inventory of high definition puzzles offered at Im-A-Puzzle. The site (available on mobile/tablet) offers a wide range of jigsaws that include art, nature, architecture, and even user uploaded images. In addition, there are different difficulty settings offered as well as a timer, meaning even the most experienced puzzle makers will have a challenge. The free site gives players of all ages and skill levels a chance to beat their own record, while improving cognitive function and memory skills.

9. Sudoku.fm

Age: 9+

While typically confused with a math problem, Sudoku is actually a puzzle. A classic sudoku puzzle consists of a 9×9 grid containing nine 3×3 boxes The objective of the puzzle is to fill the grid so that each row, column, and box contain the numbers 1 – 9. While seemingly intimidating at first, the game is in fact a test of logic, while providing great entertainment. The site features a detailed breakdown of the game as well as proven strategies.

Final Verdict

It is difficult to keep kids away from our iPhones and iPads, if you can’t keep them away give them the right games to play with. Teaching kids something new is made easy with these mentioned iPad and iPhone games. If used wisely these devices can encourage kids to explore and learn new exciting concepts. 

These 7 best iPhone and iPad games are great for kids to ignite their passion for learning and have fun at the same time. They are easy to carry along and kids can play at any time making it convenient for parents and kids. Don’t stop your kids from touching your iPhone or iPad next time instead install these games and let them have fun.