It’s time to move over to the latest levels released with 100 Escapers and share with you the walkthrough to all of them. Therefore, we have here the walkthrough for 100 Escapers Level 21 to level 25. So if you got stuck playing any of these levels, you will surely find the solution here in this complete walkthrough. So let’s not waste any time and let’s get it started!

100 Escapers Level 21 walkthrough

1. Tap the door where you enter the code and get the lockpick from there.
2. Go left and take the glasses from the cabinet’s top shelf.
3. Go left and use the lock pick on the window. Tap it and use the glasses to see 56 89
4. Go left and take a pen from the tray on the desk.
5. Go left twice and use the code (5689) to open the pink safe. Get the pliers.
6. Go left and tap the window, then use the pliers on the hedgehog to get a thorn.
7. Go left and combine the thorn with the pen. Use it on the light above and tap the basket that falls for the code (142788). Use it on the door to exit.

100 Escapers Level 22 walkthrough

1. Go right and pick up the drill.
2. Go right and get the bucket.
3. Go right and take the knife from the wall.
4. Go right and use the knife with the coals in front of the door. Use the knife on the grey thing above and get the item for the drill. Combine them and use the drill on the wooden board above and get a code (914567)
5. Go left and use the code to open the safe – get the small handle.
6. Go back and use the handle with the heater. Then use the bucket with the faucet to get water.
7. Go to the door and use the water on the coals to put them off. Tap them to get a key and use it to exit.

100 Escapers Level 23 walkthrough

1. Take the nest at the top of the door. Also, take from the left and right of the door torch and screwdriver.
2. Go left twice and zoom on the third shelf to get matches and a jar.
3. Go left. In your inventory, combine the torch and nest then zoom in on the stove. Light it with matches and use the torch with the fire.
4. Go right twice and use the torch on the black hole in the wall. Get shoe.
5. Go left twice and zoom in on the stove. Combine the shoe with jar and put them on fire.
6. Go back and tap the table. Put the ash in the tube to get ball. Use it with screwdriver.
7. Go left and use the ball on the door, then open it.

100 Escapers Level 24 walkthrough

1. Go left and tap the left drawer of the table: take wood and iron.
2. From the right drawer, take rhino.
3. Go left and take a pan from the stove. Use the rhino with it and put it in the fire.
4. Go left and tap the middle of the machine to get a piece of paper. Put the metal piece on it and use it with that top of the machine. Use the melted metal to get a screwdriver’s head and add the wooden handle.
5. Go back and tap the right leg of the machine. Use the screwdriver to open that and get a phone. Use the screwdriver with it and get a chip.
6. Go left to the door and add the chip to the mechanism to the left and exit!

100 Escapers Level 25 walkthrough

1. Get the ladder near the door.
2. Move left and tap the big basket to get a plunger. Tap the barrel to the right and get screwdriver.
3. Go left twice and get saw from the left drawer.
4. Move right and use the ladder on the tree. Use saw with tree and get a branch. Notice the colors on the tree for code
5. Tap the box and enter the code: red, blue, yellow, blue, blue, yellow. You’ll get a ball of yarn.
6. Go left twice and combine the screwdriver with plunger, then the yarn with branch. Combine the resulting items and use the arrow to burn the tree and proceed.

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Escapers walkthrough for levels 21 to 25 and you’re ready for new challenges. I will surely post the walkthroughs for the new levels as soon as they are released, so stay tuned with us!

UPDATE: 100 Escapers Level 26 walkthrough has been posted!