Badly Drawn Faces for iPhone and iPad is a brand new “logo” guessing game. I am here to share with you all the Badly Drawn Faces Answers and we’ll start with the first two levels, the Algae Pad and Krill Pad levels.

In this game, we have to guess celebrities based on drawings of them… but the drawings are badly drawn so guessing the right answers might be pretty tricky. But not anymore as I am here to share with you the correct answers to all the drawings, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Badly Drawn Faces answers in the guide below!

Badly Drawn Faces Algae Pad Answers

– Mona Lisa
– Batman
– Abraham Lincoln
– Darth Vader
– Pacman
– William Shakespeare
– ET
– Elvis Presley
– Count Dracula
– Kanye West
– Medusa
– The Tin Man
– Donald Trump
– Sherlock Holmes
– Mario
– Bruce Lee
– Kermit The Frog
– Carmen Sandiego
– Scooby Doo
– Shrek

Badly Drawn Faces Krill Pad Answers

– Gene Simmons
– Jerry Garcia
– Jack In The Box
– Clint Eastwood
– Sonic The Hedgehog
– Nelson Mandela
– Howard Stern
– Zorro
– Marilyn Monroe
– Che Guevara
– King Tutankhamen
– Woody Allen
– Betty Boop
– Donkey Kong
– Garfield
– Ms Frizzle
– Mr Spock
– Elton John
– Harry Potter
– George W Bush
– Dr Evil
– Gollum
– Fidel Castro
– Yoda
– Xenomorph
– Uncle Sam
– Kool Aid Man
– Iron Man
– Charlie Chaplin
– Wheres Waldo
– Captain Jack Sparrow
– Spiderman
– David Bowie
– Mahatma Gandhi
– Gandalf The Grey
– Stephen Colbert
– Michael Jackson

And this is it! These are the Badly Drawn Faces answers for the first two levels of the game, the Algae Pad and the Krill Pad. Stay tuned for more answers for this great guessing game for the iPhone!