It’s time to move forward in 100 Escapers with walkthrough guides for level 16 to level 20 in the game and see what to do to beat the latest levels available in this great puzzle game. So if you got stuck along the way and can’t find the solution to open that door, we have the answers for you. So let’s check out below the 100 Escapers Level 16 – Level 20 Walkthrough!

100 Escapers Level 16 Walkthrough

1. Tap the bucket to get it, then tap the tile under the bucket to get a piece of paper.
2. Go left and use the bucket with the sink.
3. Go left and get the glass from the table.
4. Go right and tap the big jar near the sink. Use the bucket on it and count how many colored dots are.
5. Go back and fill up the bucket with water once more.
6. GO left twice and tap the desk. Put the glass in the top flask and add water. Use the piece of paper on the liquid in the jar below.
7. Use the code to exit: B525518 (B52 is the plane and the numbers are from counting the dots in the water and on paper)

100 Escapers Level 17 Walkthrough

1. Get a saw handle from the right of the door.
2. Move right and get the board from the wall.
3. Go right and pick up a hammer from the window and some bullets (nails) on the floor.
4. Go right and get the saw blade from under the white couch. Use the hammer to break the lock of the drawer and get a screwdriver.
5. Go left twice. In your inventory, use the saw handle and blade, then use it with the piece on the wall, to the right side.
6. Go left and tap the machine near the door. In your inventory, combine the board with nails and hammer with screwdriver. Combine metal rod with wire. Put the resulting item in the machine.
7. Go back and put the board where the door is. Add the hammer’s head on the machine’s handle and tap the machine to break the board and exit.

100 Escapers Level 18 Walkthrough

1. Go twice to the left and pick up all the bags.
2. Go to the scale and place them: red, orange, white and blue on the left scale and the three others on the right scale.

100 Escapers Level 19 Walkthrough

1. Go right and take the plunger near the toilet.
2. Go right and check out the clue on the window (2<3<4<5)
3. Go right and get a pair of gloves to the right side of the plant. Tap the plant’s bowl and get a screwdriver. Tap the desk and get a shovel’s head from the left drawer. Tap under the desk on the right side to see clue: 5 + 7
4. Go left and use the plunger with screwdriver, then the handle with the shovel’s head and dig up on the plant to get a clue (2+2*2). Also tap the top left side near the curtain to see another clue.
5. Go left and use the gloves on the toilet.
6. Go right and tap the safe. Using the clues, get the code (5612) and get the magnet inside.
7. Go right and combine the magnet with yarn and use it with the floor tile in front of the door to get the key. And you’re out!

100 Escapers Level 20 Walkthrough

1. Go left and take the torch from the statue. Use it with the lit torch to light it up.
2. Get a book near the statue and use it with the torch and get a knife.
3. Go right twice. In your inventory, combine the knife with the torch and use the torch on the curtains.
4. Go right. Use the knife on the stone door below and get pliers and flammable barrel.
5. On the right side, tap the dark brown thing and use the pliers to get the piece.
6. Go left and use the torch with the door you removed to heat it, then use with pliers, then with the knife. Put the resulting thing in the gap.
7. Go left twice and use the metal thing with the gap there as well.
8. Go right and put the barrel into the reservoir next to the door.
9. Use the torch on the thing below to light the fire up and the door opens.

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Escapers levels 16 to level 20 and you’re ready for the next challenge, which won’t be easy, just like the previous ones! So see you soon with the walkthrough guides for the new levels of the game!