Here we are with a set of new walkthrough instructions for 100 Escapers for Android and now I am here to share with you the walkthroughs for 5 new levels, from Level 11 to Level 15. So in case you get stuck along the way and don’t know how to complete the new levels, check out this walkthrough and you’ll get the solution!

100 Escapers Level 11 walkthrough

1. Get the axe from the right side of the door.
2. Go right and get paper bag and tape from the desk.
3. Go right again and get a blue towel from the window.
4. Go right again and get cutter and paper from the desk.
5. Go right twice and open the cabinet to the right. Use the axe on the box and use the cutter to get the wire.
6. Move right and tap the security camera. Use the wire with paper bag and put them on the camera.
7. Go left and tap the underside of the desk in the top right corner. Combine the tape and the paper and put them there.
8. Finally, move twice to the right and use the towel on the camera. You can now exit.

100 Escapers Level 12 walkthrough

1. Tap the dresses and get them.
2. Go right and get the wheel.
3. Go right and use the wheel on the door. Tap the door to open it and get a magnet from the lower side.
4. Tap the sewing machine. Get the knife from there.
5. Use the knife on the ropes near the door to get them.
4. Go right and tap the table. Get some rings and the spool of thread from there.
5. Go back and get the bag from the right of the table.
6. Go left twice and use the magnet on the pile in front of the red thing and get a needle.
7. In your inventory, use the knife on the dresses twice. Combine with the rings and the ropes.
8. Go to the sewing machine and combine the needle with the thread. Use it on the top of the sewing machine and place the ropes at the base. Get parachute.
9. Combine the parachute with the bag and use it on the opened door to continue to the next level.

100 Escapers Level 13 walkthrough

1. Go left and tap the upper right corner to zoom in, then tap again and get a wooden handle.
2. Go left and enter the cockpit. Go left to see the other skeleton and get a metal bar from its chest.
3. Combine the handle with the metal bar and use it with the head of the skeleton to get a piece of paper. Go right to the other skeleton. Use it with its head and get a key.
4. Go left twice and zoom in on the safe. Use the key to open and press the button.
5. Go left twice and tap the radio twice. Move each of the handles so that you spell ROOM
6. Go back and tap the top left on the radio, where there are numbers. Tap 13 (the room’s number) and you are out!

100 Escapers Level 14 walkthrough

1. Go right and tap the drawers. Get the glass cutter from inside.
2. Go right and zoom on the window. Get a small cube from the right, zoom in again and use the glass cutting tool on the right window to get a piece of glass.
3. Go right and open the top cabinet to get some tongs. Go back and zoom in on the box on the floor and get a mask. Finally, use the tongs on the metal box on the wall to get a metal bar.
4. Go right twice. Put the glass on the mask. Combine the cube with tongs, then the cube with metal bar and mask. Use them with the device in the lower left side and move left to use the item as a handle to exit.

100 Escapers Level 15 walkthrough

1. Get the plate near the door.
2. Go right and tap the top of the table. Get the grapes from the sink. Get the knife too and open the top drawer to get some parsley.
3. Go right and tap the window to get a chicken. Also get apples from the bucket.
4. In the room to the right, get a gun and an axe.
5. Go right twice and use the chicken with the stove.
6. In your inventory, combine the chicken with the plate, then add the greens.
7. In the inventory, use the knife with apples and add them to the chicken. Finally, add the grapes.
8. Go to the door and tap to open. Give the food to the tiger and shoot it, then exit the door!

And this is it! We have completed the walkthrough for 100 Escapers Levels 11 to 15 and we are ready for a brand new challenge! So stay tuned and visit soon for the walkthroughs for the next levels!