Three new levels have been released for 100 Gates and I am here to share with you the walkthrough for all of them so we have here 100 Gates Level 36 walkthrough, 100 Gates Level 37 walkthrough and 100 Gates Level 38 walkthrough – with the middle level being one that managed to enrage me and almost make me uninstall the game. It’s frustrating, not fun, but check out the walkthroughs below and see for yourself.

100 Gates Level 36 walkthrough

Each key has a corresponding number, so all you have to do is to do the math and you’ll get the code. So after doing the maths, we have for each row the next answers: 20, 6, 43, 75. Now drag the keys from the bottom to make the right answers, as seen in the screenshot below:

100 Gates Level 37 walkthrough

This is very tricky, as we have to make the lasers hit the mirrors at the same time. The bottom right laser activates when you touch it and the bottom left one activates when you shake the phone. In order to make it, touch the right laser when the top one is at NE, then shake the phone soon, when the laser is at SE. However, I did this for 35 minutes before striking lucky, and changed the rating for the game to 1 star because it doesn’t have to be frustrating, but fun to play such games. I encourage everybody to do the same and let the developers know that we are human beings here and we deserve chance not to spend hours with a frustrating level!

100 Gates Level 38 walkthrough

Make the dragon symbols face the same directions as the ones on the floor.

And this is the walkthrough! Just three levels here, but one extremely frustrating level that almost made me uninstall the game. Hopefully such a mistake won’t happen again, 100 Gates started out like a really great game and not a frustrating experience!