100 Gates has finally received some new levels and I am here to share with you the 100 Gates Level 31 walkthrough, all the way to level 35. The challenge is really high in these levels, but also the fun factor – and I almost forgot how cool this game really was. A must play and this walkthrough – a must read. So let’s check out the 100 Gates Level 31 Walkthrough – Level 35 Walkthrough below and have fun completing the game!

100 Gates Level 31 walkthrough

Here, you have to count how many times a wheel makes a full spin before changing directions. From left to right, we have 4, 3, 6, 9 so this is the code that you have to write. Then wait three seconds and you are done!

100 Gates Level 32 walkthrough

This is up for you to complete: it is a puzzle and you must make the image whole again. After the painting is completed, the middle part will move forward: just tap it and the door will open/

100 Gates Level 33 walkthrough

This is again a very difficult challenge that requires a lot of patience: you must tap each colored button in order to move its corresponding layer until you re-create the map of the world. I will share with you below the final look of the map and the order in which the colors come, to make it easier to follow: blue, red, green, yellow.

In the image below, just the red one must be rearranged:

100 Gates Level 34 walkthrough

This puzzle challenges you to place all the cogs in such a way that the same cog is never next to each other. You can check out the image below to see how to complete the puzzle:

100 Gates Level 35 walkthrough

First, shake the phone to make the leaves disappear. Then, tap each skull the indicated number of times to open the door. Top skull 8 times, bottom left 9 times, bottom right 3 times.

And this is it! More levels are coming soon! Thanks for being here with us for the 100 Gates Level 31 – Level 35 walkthrough, these were some really challenging levels that I am sure you had a great time trying to complete. Don’t forget to check with us as soon as new levels are released and share the love if you liked this walkthrough!


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