A new set of levels has been released for 100 Doors, Level 74 to Level 82 and I have a walkthrough to share with you and help you complete these new challenges. This 100 Doors walkthrough will tell you exactly what to do to beat each of the new levels of the game, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check it out!

100 Doors Level 74 walkthrough
You have to pair up the animals and what they eat. So tap grass & grasshopper, mouse & snake, owl & hawk.

100 Doors Level 75 walkthrough
This somehow has to do with Ninja Turtles, so change the paintings to show: Michelangelo, Raffaello, Donatello and Leonardo.

100 Doors Level 76 walkthrough
Code is 9012

100 Doors Level 77 walkthrough
The wheel and the sign in the middle is the clue, so do the math and you get the code 582112

100 Doors Level 78 walkthrough
Combine the numbers to the left with the mushrooms (from 1 dot to 4) and you get the code 8426

100 Doors Level 79 walkthrough
This certainly gave us some headaches because there is a hidden button above the top right button (just tap the brick above to activate it). Tap the buttons in the next order: top left button, top right one and hidden button.

100 Doors Level 80 walkthrough
I have associated numbers with the dots to make it easier to follow what we have to press. So tap, following the numbers below, 1 4 7 6 4 3 1 2 5 6 2 3 6

100 Doors Level 81 walkthrough
This is a simple puzzle game: tap each of the sides of the circle to have the ball drop from the top to the green button.

100 Doors Level 82 walkthrough
This is another game that gave me headaches when I was younger. In this version, the goat eats the cabbage and the wolf eats the goat. So move in the following order to get everyone to the other side: Goat, boat, cabbage, goat, wolf, boat, goat.

And this is it! After completing this level we get to a screen that automatically gets us to 100 Missions, so probably this is the latest level for 100 Doors released in today’s update. It was fun and challenging and I hope you have a great time reading our 100 Doors Level 74 – Level 82 walkthrough!