A new update was released for the popular 100 Doors application adding 10 more levels and I am here to share with you a 100 Doors walkthrough for levels 51 to level 60, the new levels in the game. Here you will find detailed descriptions on how to complete each of the new levels and solve the puzzles – these are some really difficult puzzles so don’t feel ashamed because you need help.

So let’s check out the 100 Doors Walkthrough for Levels 51 – 60 below!

100 Doors Level 51 walkthrough

Press the top and middle squares, then the red button. Press Middle, Lower and Top sqaures, then red button. Press top, middle, lower button and the red button – the green arrow on the left lights up, press it to proceed.

100 Doors Level 52 walkthrough

Tap fire once, Banana twice, coconut three times and proceed.

100 Doors Level 53 walkthrough

Make the top 2 flags face left. Make the next two flags face right, next two face left, next two right, and leave the bottom ones unchanged

100 Doors Level 54 walkthrough

Create the pattern by clicking on the stars to look like the one in the image below:

100 Doors Level 55 walkthrough

You must tap the animals as they fear one another, so tap: cat, dog, elephant, mouse, snake, eagle.

100 Doors Level 56 walkthrough

Tap the plugs in the following order: top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right.

100 Doors Level 57 walkthrough

Drag all the circles to reveal the numbers. Press them as instructed by the arrows: 5, 3, 9, 7.

100 Doors Level 58 walkthrough

Take bucket and use it with the water source. Use the bucket with the door and exit.

100 Doors Level 59 walkthrough

Tap the blue gem (or whatever that is) on the left. Press the stack of wood below it. Tap the thing to the right three times (or until the door opens – it will go to the door first, tap to make it return to initial position, and so on)

100 Doors Level 60 walkthrough

You must simply remember how many items are on the door (and ignore the ones that are cut out). Finally, the code is: 1, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1.

And this is the walkthrough for the new stages of the 100 Doors app. If you want to check out the previous set of solutions, check out the article about the 100 Floors walkthrough for levels 43-50.