A new update was released for the hit puzzle game for Android 100 Doors, with levels 68 to 73 being released today and I am here to share with you a walkthrough to help you complete these new levels. So in case you get stuck somewhere along the way or the solution isn’t pretty obvious (and they usually are not), this 100 Doors walkthrough for levels 68 – 73 should help you. So check it out below, but try not to use it unless you really need it otherwise you ruin the fun of the game.

100 Doors Level 68 walkthrough

This is a basic and classic puzzle where you must move all the pieces to the right side and you can’t place a bigger piece on a smaller one. Here is the correct order in which you have to move (L is left pole, M is middle, R is right):

L -> M; L -> R; M -> R; L -> M; R -> L; R -> M; L -> M; L -> R; M -> L; M -> R; L -> M; R -> L; M -> R; L-> M, L->R, M->R

100 Doors Level 69 walkthrough

You simply need to spell the animals in the images. Tap each letter block to change the letter. Here are the animals: BEAR, CRAB, DUCK, FISH, FROG, LION

100 Doors Level 70 walkthrough

Here the triangles must face the direction indicated by the colored number 1. So Red triangle pointing up, green pointing right, yellow pointing left and blue pointing down.

100 Doors Level 71 walkthrough

You need to count the keys and tap the circle when it shows you the correct number of colored keys. So press the red circle when it shows 4. Yellow – 0; Green – 5 and Blue – 3.

100 Doors Level 72 walkthrough

The clock to the left is the puzzle and the numbers above are the solution – they show you how many degrees to the right you must turn the clock (in your mind) to get the correct numbers. So 90 degrees would be 3 o’clock, 270 degrees would be 9 o’clock and so on. So the code is: 395826

100 Doors Level 73 walkthrough

This is a “find the differences” type of puzzle and you can see the 5 differences marked in the image below:

And this is it! The 100 Doors walkthrough for levels 68 – 73 is complete – these were some pretty nice levels! Don’t forget to check out the previous walkthrough article if you need help with previous levels and stay tuned as I will deliver the walkthrough for the rest of the levels when they are released!