100 Doors Walkthrough: Level 61 – Level 67 Solution

100 Doors Walkthrough: Level 61 – Level 67 Solution

A new update has been released for 100 Doors on Android and iPhone I am here to share with you the walkthrough for the new levels, 100 Doors Level 61 to Level 67. These solutions work for the iPhone version as well as the Android version of the game and you will find exactly what you will have to do to complete each of the new levels.

So let’s check out the walkthrough guide to 100 Doors levels 61 – 67!

100 Doors Level 61 walkthrough

You need to move the horse on the table and turn it all gray. Since a lot of moves are involved, it would be best if you checked out the walkthrough video below:

100 Doors Level 62 walkthrough

It should be midnight according to the image to the left, so the clock is showing 00:30, so tap these numbers on the door. Easy as that!

100 Doors Level 63 walkthrough

Again, you must make the circle gray. So tap: -2, +3, -2, +3, -2, +3.

100 Doors Level 64 walkthrough

You need a KEY, so tap the letters until you get the word “key”

100 Doors Level 65 walkthrough

Take the balloon from the left corner and place it at the end of the hose on the right. Then tap the pump to fill up the balloon, which will go and touch the green button.

100 Doors Level 66 walkthrough

You must tap the buckets as instructed by the numbers above the door: 1 is the left bucket, 2 is the middle one and 3 is the right one. After you tap them in the order shown above the door, they should all be up. Tap them each once to put them down (from left to right) then tap the right bucket to get a key and use it to open the door.

100 Doors Level 67 walkthrough

Take the water bucket and use the water on the door. Tilt the device right and move the ball all to the right. Then take the empty bucket again and use it with the door to have the ball drop and open the door for you!

And this is it! This is the solution to 100 Doors Levels 61 – 67. Stay with us as I will post the rest of the levels as soon as they are available. Also, if you need help with the previous levels, check out the 100 Doors Level 51 – 60 walkthrough!


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I’m stuck on door 67. I tap the bucket then i tap the door and instead of filling up with water, the ball and the water disappears

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Chuck Deason

I have solved level 67 numerous times and the green arrow is blocked every time by a pop up to try 100 rooms. Any way around this. Thanks

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I get the bucket and dump it in the container but I see no water and the ball disappears. I tilt the phone but I don’t see the ball. Sat there for almost two minutes. Help please.

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cant get water to fill up n shape on door 67 of 100 doors .help

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Calin Ciabai

Tony and Dawn, maybe there is a bug in your version. Just to make sure that you do everything right, after getting the water bucket, make sure that you select it in your inventory, THEN tap the shape on the door – you will see it fill up with water and then you will be able to control the ball.

Let me know if this was the problem.

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    Sorry still isn’t working. How would I know if there is a bug?