Prepare to go bananas in Room 14 in 100 Rooms, the latest released room in the escape the room game that challenges us really hard to complete a level. I am here to share with you a complete walkthorugh for 100 Rooms Room 14 (or Level 14, if you want so) and it wasn’t easy at all figuring all the hidden codes and meanings.

But I have managed to find out the solution to Room 14, so check it out explained in the walkthrough below for 100 Rooms Level 14:

– So, the puzzle says that X = a * b (a is apples, b is bananas)
– We have 4 apples and 25 bananas, which means that X = 100
– Y is 9 (number of jars next to it), so the final puzzle where we have to find the correct signs is:

9 9 9 9 = 100

This is: 99 + 9:9, meaning that the code that we have to insert on the door is:

9, space (the button between 0 and enter), 9, + sign, 9, / sign, 9

Congrats! You have unlocked Room 14 in 100 Rooms and can move on to Room 15 which was also released today. See you soon with a walkthrough for that and until then you can check out the solution to Room 13!