And finally, the last level to be released to 100 Rooms after today’s update is here and I have the solution to it. The 100 Rooms Level 50 Walkthrough will carry you through all the steps that you have to do in order to complete the level and pass the 50 levels mark in the game. I am sure it is a pretty exciting thing, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the 100 Rooms Level 50 Walkthrough below!

1. Go right and tap the lower right spaceship. Get an iron rod from the left side of the ship.
2. Go twice to the right and get the circle thing in the middle of the wall.
3. Tap the right desk and get a round thing from the top of the space shuttle.
4. Go back and twice to the left and tap the tool to the left. Place the round thing inside and the rod as a lever. Finally, put the last thing that you got on the tool.
5. Pick up some bars from the table and put then in the saw to get a single piece. Do this until you have 5 pieces.
6. Go to the door and use each of the single wooden bars to make the Roman number MCMLX. To do it, simply put a bar on the indicated row and tap it until you have the letter you desire.

And there you have it! You have completed level 50 of 100 Rooms and you are ready for a new challenge. I really hope that you found this walkthrough useful, and if you did make sure to check back soon for all the details on how to complete the other levels, as soon as they are launched.