The popular 100 Floors game has been updated with a brand new tower, the Seasons Tower which is a themed tower for Halloween. There are 15 levels released for the Season Tower in 100 Floors right now and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for all the levels. So if you got stuck while playing the 100 Floors Seasons Tower levels, you’re at the right spot because I have the complete guide for you!

So let’s begin checking out this complete 100 Floors Seasons Tower Walkthrough!

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 1 walkthrough

This is actually a computer keyboard here, divided in three (you can swipe and move if you tap the board and swipe left and right). You have to spell Halloween, even though the letters are not showing. But tap: on first set, bottom right. Swipe to the right (so you see the board with SD) and tap the bottom left. Swipe left twice and tap L twice. Tap the square above L. Swipe twice to the right and tap the top center square. Tap the top right square twice. Swipe left and tap the bottom left square. The door opens and you can proceed to the next level.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 2 walkthrough

Tap and get a hammer from the left side of the bowl. Use it to break the glass to the left and get a hose. Use it with the water hose and tap it to fill the bowl with water. Tap the apple to open the door.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 3 walkthrough

Tilt the phone to the right to reveal knife under pumpkin – take the knife. Tap the red button to the left and while it falls down, use the knife to cut the rope using a swipe motion and make the bag fall inside the pumpkin.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 4 walkthrough

Tap in the following order to match the pattern above the door: top middle once, top right twice, middle right three times, bottom right 4 times, bottom middle 5 times, bottom left 6 times, left middle 7 times.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 5 walkthrough

Us the hammer on the pumpkins, from the one with most lines to the one with fewest. Each time, the order of the pumpkins changes, so it’s up for you to find them!

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 6 walkthrough

Get the piece from the floor near the leaf to the right. Place it on the left of the door under the existing pieces. Now, tap in the following order the signs on the door: top right, bottom left twice, top left twice, top right, top left.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 7 walkthrough

The answer is 39.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 8 walkthrough

Notice the clue to the left: H – Y. So tap the numbers on the door first to make an H letter. Then tap the 7, 5 and 9.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 9 walkthrough

First, tap the left arrow 3 times then the second arrow twice (number of bats). Swipe up each side of the lock on the door. Then, tap the left and right arrows and proceed.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 10 walkthrough

Drag and drop the brick blocks to make the date for the Halloween celebration (10.31). Like in the image below:

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 11 walkthrough

First, pick up the light from the bottom left of the pole then select it and put it on the top of the pole. Then click the following pattern: right light, middle down pumpkin, top pumpkin, bottom left pumpkin, left light, bottom left pumpkin, top, middle, right light.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 12 walkthrough

Use the knife to carve the pumpkin to the right. Use a swipe motion over the mouth. Pick up an eye from its mouth, then place it on the top pumpkin. Click the arrow to proceed.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 13 walkthrough

Take the torch and use it on the spider web to reveal the word “TOMB”. Press the arrows of the letters to reveal: PBCT (the photos on the wall).

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 14 walkthrough

Tap the small lightning symbol to the bottom right on the floor. Place it on the circle, to the right of the door. Now tap on the door: left, middle & button. The R should light up. Tap middle, right, button. Tap left, right, button.

100 Floors Seasons Tower Level 15 walkthrough

Put the symbols as indicated by the arrows in the following order: top right, bat. Top Left, Kitty. Bottom Left, scythe. Bottom right – Web

And this is it! These are the 15 levels of 100 Floors Seasons Tower, but more are coming soon, so make sure to check back here on Unigamesity for the latest walkthroughs for the game! I hope that this 100 Floors Seasons Tower walktrhough was useful – if so, please help us as you can by linking to it from your blog or sharing this with your friends!