100 Rooms Level 46 Walkthrough is here! We have one more solution for you, a complete guide on how to finish the 100 Rooms Level 46 that was released with the latest update and I am sure you need some help, because this is not an easy level that we’re talking about! So read on this 100 Rooms Level 46 Walkthrough and have fun completing this new room!

Here is the guide:

1. Tap the dresses and get them.
2. Go right and tap the wheel on the red thing.
3. Go right and use the handle on the door. Tap the door to open it and get a magnet from the door.
4. Tap the sewing machine. Get the knife from there.
5. Use the knife on the ropes near the door to get them.
4. Go right and tap the table. Get some rings and the spool of thread from there.
5. Go back and get the bag from the right of the table.
6. Go left and use the magnet on the pile in front of the red thing and get a needle.
7. In your inventory, use the knife on the dresses twice. Combine with the rings and the ropes.
8. Go to the sewing machine and combine the needle with the thread. Use it on the top of the sewing machine and place the ropes at the base. Get parachute.
9. Combine the parachute with the bag and use it on the opened door to continue to the next level.

And this is it! A pretty difficult level for 100 Rooms, but one that we managed to complete and I hope that you really enjoyed and found useful the 100 Rooms Level 46 walkthrough! See you soon with new guides on how to complete the rest of the levels!