It’s time to check out the 100 Rooms Level 49 Walkthrough for a new room in our favorite escape the room game for Android. This time, the challenge is yours in something that looks like a pyramid’s room and it won’t be that easy to get out. But fortunately, I have the solution to share with you here in this 100 Rooms Level 49 Walkthrough, so check it out below:

1. Go left and take the torch from the statue. Use it with the lit torch to light it up.
2. Get a book near the statue and use it with the torch and get a knife. Because knifes are always found in burnt books (sic!)
3. Go right twice. In your inventory, combine the knife with the torch and use the torch on the curtains.
4. Go right. Use the knife on the stone door below and get pliers and flammable barrel.
5. On the right side, tap the dark brown thing and use the pliers to get the piece.
6. Go left and use the torch with the door you removed to heat it, then use with pliers, then with the knife. Put the resulting thing in the gap.
7. Go left twice and use the metal thing with the gap there as well.
8. Go right and put the barrel into the reservoir next to the door.
9. Use the torch on the thing below to light the fire up and the door opens.

And there you have it! You can now move to the next level after completing the 100 Rooms Level 49 Walkthrough. I really hope it was useful to you and you will come back soon for even more walkthroughs for 100 Rooms!