100 Rooms Level 47 Walkthrough is here! Prepare for another challenging room in the 100 Rooms puzzle game for Android, and prepare to learn everything about it by reading our solution here. So just sit back and relax, because we have the complete 100 Rooms Level 47 Walkthrough to share with you and help you in case you got stuck somewhere along the way.

1. Get the plate near the door.
2. Go right and tap the top of the table. Get the grapes from the sink. Get the knife too and open the top drawer to get some parsley.
3. Go right and tap the window to get a chicken. Also get apples from the bucket.
4. In the room to the right, get a gun and an axe.
5. Go right twice and use the chicken with the stove.
6. In your inventory, combine the chicken with the plate, then add the greens.
7. In the inventory, use the knife with apples and add them to the chicken. Finally, add the grapes.
8. Go to the door and tap to open. Give the food to the tiger and shoot it, then exit the door!

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Rooms Level 47 and you’re ready for more. I really hope that this walkthrough was helpful to you and if it was, make sure to bookmark us and come back soon for more walkthrough guides for the recently released 100 Rooms levels!