100 Rooms Level 48 Walkthrough here for you all! This time we seem to be locked in some sort of a basement and it will be a real challenge to get out. Fortunately, I am here to share with you the complete solution for this level, so if you got stuck just check out the 100 Rooms Level 48 Walkthrough below and have fun getting out of this new room!

So here is the complete 100 Rooms Level 48 Walkthrough:

1. Go twice to the left and pick up all the bags.
2. Go to the scale and place them: red, orange, white and blue and the three others on the right scale.

And this is it! It would’ve been trial and error, but now you know exactly how to arrange the sacks or bags on the scale and you can move to the next level. I really hope that this walkthrough for 100 Rooms Level 48 was helpful for you! Stay tuned for more walkthroughs for the rest of the levels!